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Address:  1602 Centre Road Springvale 3171

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To request an online valuation, please complete our form below and we will give you a confirming telephone call to discuss your valuation

You will automatically receive a confirmation email.

For further information and booking assistance:   Ph 1300 652 070

PLEASE NOTE – A confirmation telephone call will be made to you to discuss your vehicle and details of removal.

MINIMUM DRIVE In & de register Price for Complete Vehicles $400

4 EASY Steps to Sell Your Car

  • Request A Valuation
  • Accept Offer
  • Free Towing/Drive in
  • Make Payment to You 
All vehicles must contain a Vin number or letter from Victoria Police

Victoria Police Disposal Of Unidentified Vehicles Prohibited

Payment by Electronic Bank Transfer or Cheque.

Personal Identification Required/Requested

No Cash Payments in accordance with Victorian Government Ban on Cash for Scrap effective 30th May 2018

Vehicle Preparation

To enable us to provide the most efficient and reliable removal service, we ask that you attend to the following conditions:
Place your vehicle in a clear and safe position for loading which could be on the street, in your driveway or on the front nature strip, to ensure we can collect your vehicle when our tow truck arrives to load.
Place the vehicle key in your unlocked letterbox, exhaust pipe or an agreed location
Please remove your number plates & eTags and return them to your local registration branch for a possible refund. Remove any personal belongings from the car, as we cannot be held responsible for any loss thereof.
It is not essential that you wait around for your vehicle removal, unless there are specific access restrictions to the vehicle. You may go about your normal day’s activities – we will take care of the removal in your absence.

We reserve the right to reject a booking.

All bookings are confirmed by telephone with you



Most households, businesses, building sites, farms and factories have equipment that can be recycled and at Imlachs we make it easy. Some common items that can be recycled include:

air conditioners, bikes, brass, cars and metal car parts including batteries, copper, gym equipment, lawn mowing machinery and equipment, radiators, stainless steel, steel, steel pipes, metal truck parts, white goods

We do not accept LPG cylinders,  other similar cylinders or drums

Drop off. Open 7 Days at 1602 Centre Road, Springvale 3171


Old & Damaged Car Removals
We not only remove your car, we pay you immediately for it! … and we have trucks all over Melbourne.
Prepare the Vehicle
It is important you properly prepare for the collection of your vehicle… find out how.
Old Car Battery & Metal Parts Drop Off
Drop off your old car batteries or metallic car parts such as, alternators, radiators etc.
Scrap Metal Drop Off
Any scrap metal can be dropped off during business hours into our recycling bins.
Help Lines
Dob in an unlicensed operator to Consumer Affairs Victoria on (1800) 351-591

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Address: 1602 Centre Road Springvale Victoria 3171
Telephone: 1300 652 070
Fax: 03 9547-7955
Licensed Motor Car Trader: LMCT 1229
Licensed Second-hand Dealer: 12871
Refrigerant Trading Authorisation: AU02384
ABN: 46 367 131 722
Established: 1980

Environmental Obligation Effective 1/7/21 the new Victorian EPA Protection Act 2017 places obligations on owners (Businesses & Individuals) of Statutory and Repairable Written Off Vehicles to dispose of their industrial waste (T325 End of life vehicle) at a lawful place. Imlachs is a lawful place where you can dispose of your written off vehicle and comply with your environmental obligation. EPA APP003343

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